Whether you need help prepping for a musical theatre audition or are keen to learn the ins and outs of singing science and voice function, we’ve got you covered.

Steve and Jacqueline’s combined 25 years of international teaching experience has seen them brush elbows with the world’s leading voice scientists, direct countless musicals, lead artist intensives in Hollywood, and even produce the top singing podcast on iTunes.

Needless to say, when it comes to singing, you’re in good hands.

Read more about our coaches and, their diverse backgrounds, below.

Jacqueline Dunford

Jacqueline is from Las Vegas, Nevada. She started performing at an early age and turned her love of singing into a career. Jacqueline studied music and dance at university in Scottsdale, Arizona. During this time she performed in many bands ranging from rock to jazz, while also performing in musicals. She took her vocal talent to the hit singing show ‘American Idol’ and made it to Hollywood Week two years running, while receiving a major T.V. feature.

Jacqueline soon combined her knack for teaching and music by becoming an early childhood music and movement specialist and music director for one of the top performing arts studios in Arizona. Jacqueline specialises in teaching group/private musical theatre and audition prep. She has also choreographed and directed several large-scale musicals.

On top of stage skills, Jacqueline is also well versed in vocal technique and excels at helping singers understand and strengthen their instrument. She is a graduate of the singing teacher program BAST and a board member of the global voice professionals network Vocology In Practice.

Jacqueline now passes on her love for singing and performing to her students across the world as she helps them find their voice, confidence, and calling in the music industry.

Steve Giles

Steve is from Salisbury, Wiltshire. He studied voice whilst undertaking the Speech Level Singing teacher program, starting in 2006, and carried his certification for over five years. This training complemented his own performances, as he toured at corporate events spanning Dubai to USA. During this time, he was fortunate to support acts such as The Drifters, Lemar, and Heatwave and was invited to sing for HRH Prince Charles at St James’ Palace.

Steve has created many organisations that utilise singing to benefit the lives of others. He partnered in the creation of Love Soul Choir (pop choir organisation), co-founded Tempo Wellbeing Ltd (singing for mental health) and co-founded The Naked Vocalist (top singing podcast on iTunes). His groups have made it to the BBC, Channel 5, and Steve has even assisted Gareth Malone OBE with his television choirs (‘Big Sing’ and ‘Gareth’s Invictus Choir’).

He now holds his place on the board of directors for global teacher network Vocology in Practice and feels fortunate to be able to learn from, and teach, the greatest in the industry.


The understanding of the vocal mechanism is just one cog in the wheel of you… the singer.

In fact, we’d go as far to say, the instrument is the easy part. Understanding you, your beliefs, your habits, and your goals, is where the real magic can be found, and that’s why we dedicate our lives to finding it.

We believe that if the heart, body, mind, and voice, are working as one, you’re set up to succeed. Not just as a singer, but life in general. #everythingmatters

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