Winner of the Van Lawrence Prize 2010 awarded by the British Voice Association, Dr. Jenevora Williams is both a leading voice scientist and pedagogue.

She’s a voracious scholar and committed practitioner who continues to push the boundaries of voice education and teaching.

Steve and Jenevora took some time to talk about all things singing, and all things children. Here are the timestamps:

1:16 Jenevora’s background
3:35 Jenevora’s book – Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults
6:35 Misconceptions and myths with Children’s singing teaching
14:22 How do we motivate children to sing?
18:00 The difference between style and technique
21:23 The top three tips for teaching children
24:14 Implications of the male voice change
29:30 How to teach a group of Children?
32:35 What’s next for Jenevora?

Singfinity can change your life.



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