Steve speaks with Ingrid Schnell. Singer, songwriter and artist development coach in Los Angeles. She has worked with artist seen or heard on Disney, Nickelodeon, The Voice, X-Factor, BMG, Hollywood Records etc. He was lucky to sit in on one of Ingrid singing lessons. It was easy to see that she has a serious passion for taking artists to the top… and high expectations to match.

We talk about:

2:17 What young artists need to think about when they take the first step
3:38 It’s not all bright lights… why work ethic is important
6:28 Ingrid’s vocal training toolbox
7:27 Talent is overrated
8:48 Using musicality and harmony singing for group training
10:16 How to make the transition from karaoke singer to artist
12:08 Why Will Smith is awesome

Singfinity can change your life.



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