The world is changing, but are our minds changing just as fast? People may think that meditation or mindfulness practice is quite an obscure topic when talking about singing lessons for kids. But what could a more mindful headspace do for children, their creativity, and overall health?Steve speaks with Claire Kelly, operations director of the Mindfulness In Schools Project. Claire discusses why children may want (or need) to start considering meditation and more specifically, mindfulness practice.

We talk about:

2:55 What is mindfulness
5:33 Why do we need mindfulness practice today?
7:38 What is meditation
9:28 What happens to the brain when we meditate?
10:40 Why should kids meditate?
14:25 How to start meditation/mindfulness practice
18:30 how to group teach meditation/mindfulness practice
21:15 How to break the woowoo barrier

Singfinity can change your life.



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